Well, it’s me again.


It’s me.

It’s been a long time I didn’t write anything in this blog.

Hmm, this blog feels empty. I should write more.

So, what’s the reason I write back in this blog? Because,

  1. I miss this blog. I admit it, I really miss this blog-like-my-diary.
  2. Many things comes and goes.
  3. I really want to write again. To write something that makes me feel “Ah, so this is really my story? I can’t believe it I made this.” Maybe, that kind of writing.

And why I write all of this- probably ‘chit-chat’ because I want to learn English more. For maybe 4-5 months, I never speak up or write something in English. And when I try it, it’s like I never learn English. I can’t say anything -_-

That’s why.

Should I write a story again? A story that will hypnotize someone. A story that will make someone is crying or feel happy. A story between two people falling in love.



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